Security Board on Fence or Gate warning board
Using sign boards to highlight CCTV & security measures to deter burglars
19th October 2020
Please do not sit here seat marker sticker
Knowing where to sit at sporting and event venues.
1st December 2020

Floor graphics are images, pictures, promotional messages, campaigns, branding etc that are printed on to media suitable for adhering and displaying on various flooring surfaces.

Floor graphics are also referred to as floor stickers and floor decals.

The graphics can be produced on different print medias depending on the flooring surface that they are to adhere to. Screenprint and Display can print graphics suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

The outdoor stickers are suitable for use on concrete, asphalt and brick, therefore they are great for playgrounds, pavements, warehouse and factory floorings. Indoor graphics can also be produced on different materials depending on the flooring types e.g carpet, wooden floor etc.

As the graphics are displayed on flooring surfaces, they are required to be anti-slip;

  • Outdoor graphics are printed directly onto the surface of the aluminium print media, which has a textured surface.
  • Indoor and carpet stickers are a 2-part media, the graphic is printed directly onto the self-adhesive vinyl and this is then overlaid with an anti-slip laminate.
  • Floor stickers are a great way of filling advertising and promotional space that is often underutilised.

    During the coronavirus pandemic floor graphics have been used as a popular method of highlighting the social distancing measures throughout a wide range of venues and businesses.