Outdoor Floor Stickers and Pavement Graphics

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Outdoor Floor Stickers suitable for use on pavements, concrete, asphalt, tile, brick, terrazzo and vinyl flooring.

Outdoor waterproof printed Floor Graphics -
Quick Facts…

We print indoor & outdoor floor stickers for use on industrial and retail floor surfaces. They are great for highlighting 2 metre / one metre + spacing for external social distancing.
Printed stickers that stick to concrete (sealed & unsealed), asphalt (tarmac & pavements), tile, brick, terrazzo & vinyl flooring.
Custom printed external floor graphics in full colour, cut to your shape and design.
Outdoor floor stickers can be custom shaped.
Aluminium floor graphics are quick and easy to install both indoor or outdoor.
Great for use in retail environments, food outlets, events and exhibitions, airports, stadiums, universities, warehouses, industrial buildings and hospitals.
Long term outdoor durability stickers.
Perfect for external branding and event marketing graphics.
Our pavement stickers are waterproof and suitable for outdoor use even in harsh weather.
Slip resistant and durable, these outdoor stickers are tough and stick to the contours of the surfaces to create outstanding visual graphics.

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Outdoor Floor and Pavement Aluminium Stickers

The Outdoor Floor Graphics are printed on a foil based print media, which is very durable, making it an ideal choice for Floor Stickers that need to adhere to outdoor or industrial floor surfaces. This includes pavements and walkway surfaces such as tarmac (asphalt), concrete, brick, terrazzo and vinyl

The print media isn't limited to floor use as it adheres to brick etc.. so could be used on walls.

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How do you apply outdoor floor stickers and graphics to pavements?

Floor stickers are simple to install by the end user easily without any specialist equipment.

The temperature will need to be 10°C+ when applying. The surface would need to be cleaned first, ensuring all loose gravel and dust is removed. If the surface has grime or is oily, it would need to be cleaned with a degreaser before applying the stickers.

The sticker is simply applied by removing the backing paper and placing on the surface, it is then recommended to be compressed to the surface using a hard rubber roller. When the graphics adhere to the surface correctly they should take on the same texture .

Any air bubbles will need to be removed by pricking the sticker with a pin to ensure they are 100% adhered to the floor.

How long will the outdoor stickers last?

This depends on a variety of factors including the weather conditions, if they are in direct sunlight, the volume and type of traffic that goes over them, however the life expectancy of aluminium outdoor graphics is approximately 1 year. This could be longer on indoor floor surfaces.

Can the pavement stickers withstand the cold weather temperatures?

Whilst it is important that the floor graphics and decals are applied when the surface is 10°C or slightly higher, the sticker print media can withstand temperatures reducing down to -40°C

Are the outdoor floor stickers laminated?

No there is no need to laminate the stickers as the print media is designed for outdoor floor surfaces and has a slip resistance surface, which the ink is applied directly on to.

Can the pavement stickers be printed in full colour?

Yes there are no limits to the number of colours or the design. The stickers can be cut to any shape although it is advisable to keep these simple.

How do you remove outdoor floor stickers?

The stickers should be easy to remove, it is advised to peel up the stickers are an angle of less than 45° and this typically removes the print media leaving no or little residue.

How do you clean an outdoor floor sticker?

The stickers can be cleaned either by power washing (although it is advised to avoid the edges) or alternatively simply by using a hosepipe and a broom to brush over the surface.

What do I do with the outdoor sticker when it is no longer needed?

Outdoor graphics printed on alumigraphics material can be disposed of with aluminium recycling.

200 mm Round Outdoor Floor stickers

50 @ £5.96

100 @ £4.25

200 @ £3.52

300 @ £3.25

400 @ £3.15

500 @ £2.96

All prices are per sticker + VAT but include delivery to 1 UK mainland address

300 mm Round Outdoor Floor stickers

50 @ £8.95

100 @ £6.85

200 @ £5.84

300 @ £5.50

400 @ £5.40

500 @ £5.30

All prices are per sticker + VAT but include delivery to 1 UK mainland address

400 mm Round Outdoor Floor stickers

50 @ £11.46

100 @ £9.12

200 @ £7.95

300 @ £7.70

400 @ £7.60

500 @ £7.50

All prices are per sticker + VAT but include delivery to 1 UK mainland address

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To order from our off the shelf range of social distancing stickers, please click here to download the order form with all the sticker details

Floor graphics to brand & advertise at outdoor events.

Clipper approached Screenprint and Display when they needed floor graphics, that could be used outdoors at events, to promote their around the world yacht race on the docksides.

The stickers needed to be waterproof, durable, removable and environmentally friendly. In order to fulfill the requirements, the various designs were printed on aluminium floor graphics.

Aluminium floor graphics contain no PVC and can be disposed with the aluminium recycling. The slip resistant material is designed to stick to a variety of surfaces in both indoor and outdoor environments, this includes tiles, concrete and asphalt.

As the Race of your life visits eight different destinations around the world, the stickers need to be removed after each leg of the race. Aluminium floor stickers are easy to install by the end user and can be removed without any special equipment.

The floor graphics are colourful and large, creating an eye catching environment as the crowds flock to catch a glimpse of the yachts arriving, as the eleven teams fight it out on the high seas, to win this years Clipper around the world yacht race title.

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  • "We have been supplied quality Vinyl stickers by Screen Print and Display for at least 6 years. Our business started back in the early ‘00’s, and quite a number of other suppliers had been used until we tried Screen Print & Display. Since then we have not need to go anywhere else. Our stickers need to be tough, with a double lamination, and very adhesive, for submerge water use. We can highly recommend Screen Print & Display for quality products, customer service, and cost."
    Lance Mitchell
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    Emily Abbott
  • We have been using Screenprint & Display for a couple of years now. Their expertise and flexibility coupled with the team's great customer service make them our first port of call to deliver quality sticker products for very exacting clients!
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