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Using stickers to create optical illusions in experiential marketing.


Using stickers to create optical illusions in experiential marketing is a creative way to attract attention and generate buzz for your brand. Experiential marketing is a form of marketing that creates immersive and memorable experiences for consumers, often involving interactive elements and sensory stimulation.

giant illusion floor stickers woman standing on optical illusion stickers giant floor stickers in Birmingham











Stickers are a low-cost and versatile medium. They can be used to create optical illusions on various surfaces, such as walls, floors, windows, or vehicles.

Recent examples of using a vinyl or floor sticker or wall decal to create an optical illusion:

  • An indoor or outdoor floor sticker of a giant hole in the ground. It makes people feel like they are falling into it. This can be used to promote a product or service that offers safety, security, or protection. It’s great for insurance, security systems, or safety equipment brands.
  • A sticker of a 3D object that appears to pop out of the surface. These could be a bottle, a can, or a box. This can be used to showcase the product itself, or to highlight its features, benefits, or quality, such as freshness, taste, or durability.
  • A sticker of a person or an animal that appears to interact with the environment, such as a person climbing a wall, a dog chasing a ball, or a bird flying in the sky. This can be used to create a sense of fun, humour, or curiosity, or to convey a message or a value, such as adventure, freedom, or creativity.


Some benefits of using stickers to create optical illusions in experiential marketing are:

  • They can capture the attention of the target audience and the general public. Well done illusions make people stop, look, and engage with the brand.
  • They can create a positive impression and a lasting memory of the brand. Decals can increase brand awareness, recognition, and recall.
  • They can generate word-of-mouth and social media buzz. The illusions encourage people to share their experience and opinions with others. So, brands can easily expand the reach and impact of the campaign.
  • They can differentiate the brand from the competitors, and showcase its personality, identity, and values.

optical illusion wall stickers creating wings woman sitting on optical illusion floor sticker

The challenges of using stickers to create optical illusions in experiential marketing are:

  • They require a high level of creativity and skill to design and execute. It’s important to ensure that the illusion is realistic, effective, and appropriate for the brand and the context.
  • They may not be suitable for all types of products, services, or industries. They may not appeal to all segments of the market.
  • They may face legal or ethical issues, such as obtaining permission, complying with regulations, or avoiding deception, vandalism, or offense.

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