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Indoor and outdoor social distancing floor stickers

keep your distance floor stickers

With the outbreak of Covid 19 came the need for all of us to socially distance ourselves. To reduce the spread of coronavirus it has been advised that we all stay at least 2 metres away from the next person.

To emphasize the 2-metre distancing, many shops, hospitals and venues have chosen to put anti slip floor stickers down, to keep both their customers and staff as safe as possible. Screenprint and Display Ltd have received many requests to print these floor graphics.

One of the first considerations and questions to our customers, has been to establish the surface that they will need to adhere too. Will they be used indoors or outdoors?

Many of the 2 metre markers are to ensure customers queuing outside, of shops and supermarkets, maintain social distancing. This means that the stickers need to adhere to the pavement or outdoor surface (tarmac / asphalt or concrete).

Once inside the building, venue or shops the anti slip stickers need to be suitable for use on different types of flooring.

For this reason, we print social distancing stickers on different materials. Where customers have a need for indoor and outdoor stickers, we have printed a quantity on each material.

The trend has been to have circular floor stickers with custom messages, highlighting either the 2 metres or stand here and stay safe messages. Although we print any custom shape and even foot prints.

There has been no set size for the social distancing coronavirus stickers that we have been producing, although 300mm diameter is a common size! We have the print facility to produce up to 1500mm.

If you’re looking for stickers and would like some advice about printing, please call us on 01347 823230.


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