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7th November 2019
Dbond Foamex and correx for temporary signs
What is the best material to use for printed outdoor signs?
25th March 2020

Environmentally responsible Display printing for the 2020’s

Large format printing onto a wide range of 100% Recyclable plastics, cards, boards and papers

If you are looking for Environmentally responsible alternatives to traditional signage, graphic and Point of sale printing, look no further…

We work with an exciting range of easily recyclable flexible and rigid plastics, papers, cards and boards, to produce an endless array of Point of sale, display, outdoor graphics, signs and print.

We offer fresh new alternatives to traditional, hard to recycle pvc’s, foamex, HIPS, acrylics and foamcore board.

  • Recyclable printed plastic Signs?
  • Recyclable Outdoor printwork?
  • Recyclable POS printing?
  • Recyclable plastic Posters?
  • Recyclable large format Graphics?
  • Recyclable Banner printing?
  • Recyclable and waterproof print & Display work?

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    Let’s reduce landfill, single use and difficult to dispose of printed plastics, displays and signage.

    We can help make your POS, signage and Display work more sustainable, multi use, and easily recyclable at the end of its useful life.


    Is recyclable material ok to use outdoors?

    100%, as long as the correct type of material is chosen

    Is recyclable plastic easy to recycle?

    Yes, it’s simple. Look for the recyclable logo on plastic to identify the type of plastic it is, and then dispose of it by the relevant method

    Is correx plastic recyclable?

    Yes. It’s made of polypropylene, which is easily recyclable, unlike pvc.

    Is recyclable plastic as hardwearing as old plastics used for sign and display printing?

    Yes it is. Recyclable plastic is just as reusable, waterproof and weatherproof as any of the traditional types of pvc plastics.

    Can you print the recyclable logo on my work?

    No problem. We can easily add the relevant easily recognisable symbol onto your work, to show that you

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