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Being printers of plastics, we’re often asked if the plastic that we print is recyclable.
We’re also asked if the plastic that we print is recycled…
Two very similar sounding questions, but two differing answers.
And, as with many other factors regarding recycling, there is some confusion!

As you will appreciate, the generic term ‘plastic’ covers a huge variety of oil derived materials, varying hugely from polythene to Perspex, and everything else in between.

Plastics are broken down into different grades, not only in flexible to rigid, or see through to opaque, but also into different kinds of plastics, made from different formulas and methods.

It’s the ingredients that go into the plastic that makes the difference.

Whereas some printed plastics are 100% recyclable when they’ve been used, they may not actually contain any recycled material, but just made of virgin ingredients.

On the other hand, some recycled printed material might not be necessarily recyclable at the end of its use, due to what’s gone into it’s manufacture.

Some plastics used in Point of sale printing, display board printing and outdoor weatherproof printing are very much easier to recycle when finished with, than others.

As a responsible and innovative pos and display printing company, we are continuingly sourcing new and alternative 100% recyclable plastics onto which we can print, with great, and eco friendly results.

Although we need to use products that suit the job and its intended use and function, we now offer a full range of 100% recyclable alternatives to outdated pvcs, perspexs and other landfill-bound plastics from former years.

If you are thinking about the use of more environmentally friendly plastic printing, get in touch.

We’re here to help.

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