How to promote brand awareness of clubs, associations and charities using stickers?

Recyclable and responsible print materials
Recycled or recyclable plastic printing
3rd September 2019
Recyclable and responsible print materials
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25th February 2020

There are many types of stickers available, so below is a useful guide highlighting how they may be used in marketing campaigns to help promote awareness and in turn increase membership of clubs, associations and charities.

Window stickers;

Window stickers are probably the most popular choice, and these are widely used by clubs and charities. Many of these stickers will be displayed in car windows to advertise membership.

Whilst many window stickers are often used as a giveaway to members, they can also be sold as a way of fundraising.

When used as membership stickers they can be printed annually with a date change or altered slightly in the design or background colour.

Lapel Stickers;

Lapel stickers are another great giveaway and are especially popular for use at events. Whilst the most commonly used shape for lapel stickers is a small circle, they can be produced in all sorts of shapes and sizes. The stickers can be created to suit your logo or design.

Lapel stickers can be supplied as individual stickers ready to hand out or they can be kiss cut on sheets.

Vinyl stickers;

Vinyl stickers are so versatile and can be used in many ways in marketing campaigns. Many organisations and trade associations use vinyl stickers to display membership on vehicles. Other associations use them to highlight member accreditations, again these can be displayed on vehicles, counters and windows.

Stickers can be printed up to 1.5 metres (1500mm) wide by almost any length, in full colour. The vinyl can then be custom shaped.

Vinyl stickers can be used to recognise achievements, within clubs and associations, i.e. a different sticker is given out for every stage that is completed.

It is becoming increasingly popular to print vinyl sticker sheets as a giveaway item, each sheet has multiple kiss cut sticker designs.

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