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What is window signage?


Window signage covers any printed products that are used for window advertising.

Window signage can be used to advertise companies’ information or promotions, it can be as simple as a business logo & branding or a full retail promotion and advertising campaign. Advertising in windows is not limited to buildings and retail stores, as for many years companies have produced membership and promotional stickers for car windows.

How often the widow signage is changed will depend on the purpose of the signs, for example, a company’s branding on an office window may not be changed for years and therefore may require a permanent adhesive, where as a retail sale promotion may only be displayed for a week or a few days and will need to be easily removed.

Window stickers

Window stickers are a popular option for signage and advertising. Stickers are produced by reverse printing designs onto a transparent vinyl and then putting a coat of flood white on the back to strengthen the colours. This process means that the adhesive is on the same side as the image and therefore when the sticker is applied to glass it can be viewed from outside through the glass. Window stickers can be produced with different adhesive options, including no adhesive (static cling), removable or permanent adhesive. This is an important consideration when purchasing window stickers.

Another consideration is if you would like the stickers printed single or double sided? Stickers can be printed with the same image on both sides or different images.

Window Posters

Another popular option for window signage or advertising is the use of window posters. The posters are quick to display with suckers and hooks and can be changed with ease regularly. At Screenprint & Display we print window posters on a waterproof polypropylene material.  This means that even if the window get condensation, the damp environment doesn’t affect the poster.

Both stickers and posters can be custom printed in any shape and size.

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