This Christmas make sure your products get seen!

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13th October 2021
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11th November 2021

With so much choice for consumers, how do you make sure your products get noticed in store and end up in the basket this Christmas?

Do you struggle to get your brand seen and to stand out from the competition?

There is so many products in stores and such a wide choice for customers, that it’s difficult to catch buyers’ attention. We’ve listed below some of the ways custom printed media can be used to help get your products noticed.

For years retailers have been using printed media in stores, however there are now many opportunities to start creating brand recognition before even stepping foot in the shop.

Retailers are now utilising walls, car parks, fences, bollards, pavements, and windows for advertising opportunities. Creating eye catching graphics that get your message across quickly is key.


Outer walls can be used to display banners, outdoor posters, stockist boards and even stickers, often this is underutilised space.


Following the recent pandemic there has been an increase in the use of pavement stickers. This is a marketing opportunity that is often overlooked, yet stickers are a great way of directing people to your product and reinforcing the marketing message, as the customers travel into and around stores.


Many shops and outlets that have car parking directly outside will have bollards for safe parking. These bollards provide a great opportunity for advertising. Correx bollard covers are quick and easy to install, waterproof, 100% recyclable after use and simple to remove. The 2, 3 or 4 sided covers can be custom printed with the same or different messages on each side.


Window stickers are great for displaying stockist branding and double-sided stickers get your marketing seen both on entering and leaving the shop. Window graphics can be used to create effective promotions and displays, especially at Christmas or other seasonal events. Stickers can be installed and removed quickly, so are great for highlighting any instore sales, discounts and price reductions.


There are several marketing opportunities at shelf level, firstly shelf edge strips are a popular marketing tool, these long thin strips cover the front of the shelf and can be used to highlight discounts, seasonal promotions or key USP’s and benefits of products, helping to influence the customers buying decision at the point of purchase.

Secondly shelf wobblers are great as they move gently in the breeze or as people brush past them, creating motion to catch the attention of passing customers and drawing the eye to your products. They are quick and easy to install.

The list of custom printed advertising products is endless and these are just a few of the available products, hopefully you will be able to glean some ideas from our list. If you’d like any further advice or prices, with any of the custom printed products listed above, please call our team on 01347 823 230.