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What is large format print?


Large format print refers to the process of printing graphics in very large sizes (there is no exact size or dimensions to define at what point print becomes classed as large format). These are graphics that are often used for display purposes.

Large format is sometimes referred to as wide format printing.


What products can be produced using large format print?

Large format graphics can be printed on to a range of materials to create a variety of products including floor stickers, wall displays, hoarding boards, posters, exhibition displays and advertising banners.

Graphics may need to be printed in several pieces or panels to create the whole image. This is often due to restrictions with the material sizes available, an example of this is hoarding boards (when designs are printed in sections and then all the panels are displayed together, creating the whole graphic).


What is the largest size you can print?

The largest size Screenprint and Display can produce, is dependent on the material required, the design and the machine that will be used to print the graphics.
If the image is printed on vinyl, we can print sheets that are 1500mm in width by a maximum of 50,000mm in length. If a rigid material e.g. Foamex is required then an individual panel cannot exceed the materials sheet size of approx. 1500mm wide x 3000mm in length. Although multiple panels can be printed to produce the overall display.

Please call our team on 01347 823230 for advice or to discuss your print requirements.


Not sure if your artwork would be suitable for large format print?

Artwork and graphics need to be supplied in high resolution files so that when they are printed, the image remains crisp and clear.
Our studio team would happily look at your artwork prior to ordering, to advise if it is suitable.


Speak to our team

The team at Screenprint and Display have been helping customers to get their large-scale designs, turned into printed graphics for years. Call us on 01347 823230 or email for further details.

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