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Who, where, when, what and why of printed point of sale?


Are you considering producing printed marketing point of sale products but not sure what is available, where you can use it or what to consider?
Find out more about the products that are available and a few points to consider when planning your marketing POS print.


Who is your target customer? Who are you already selling to and what potential is there for new business? Before you print or design anything it is important to ensure your printed products are going to be seen. Knowing what is available is an important part of planning your marketing campaign.


Why use printed POS products

  • To increase product sales
  • To encourage impulse purchase
  • To increase product awareness
  • To provide information
  • To counter competition activity
  • Where?

    Consider your previous promotions, what worked well? Where was the POS displayed? Refine your material accordingly and look for other opportunities in areas that work well.

    Give thought to your retailer’s available space and dimensions.

    Will it be displayed indoor or outdoor?

    Indoor Outdoor
    Walls Fences
    Ceilings Gates
    Floors Walls
    Counter Tops Free Standing
    Shelf Edges
    Gondola Ends

    How will the POS be displayed. Ensure that the promotional products are easy to assemble and install. Ensure that all the fastenings, fixings, hanging lines etc.. are supplied. Don’t give your retailer an opportunity to put off, or worse refuse to display your POS.

    Consider how your POS will be distributed to the stores and outlets.


    When do you use POS products?

  • To promote a new product launch
  • To support a special, price or discount
  • What?

    Research the types of POS that are acceptable to your market and can be accommodated in the retail space available. Consider having different size POS products available for different outlets to choose from, not just the largest options.

    Consider the lifespan of your POS material. The retail environment will dictate choices of materials used e.g. waterproof substrates, robust specification.
    What products are available? There are so many options for both indoor and outdoor POS, here are a few ideas:

    Banners Open/Closed Signs Mobiles
    Window Decals Display Stands Showcards
    Shelf Wobblers Counter Units Shelf Edge Strips & Cards
    Leaflet Dispensers Flags Posters
    Showcards Floor Graphics Pallet Toppers
    Swing Signs FSDU’s Ceiling Hangers


    Choose a producer with a proven track record. Ask for advice if you have an idea that isn’t an off the shelf product. Screenprint & Display have years of experience printing retail point of sale, event branding, exhibition and display signage.

    Call our team on 01347 823 230, we are always happy to talk through your ideas and designs.