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How many ways can you display a banner?


Find out more about the ways to display a banner.  Banners must be one of the most versatile forms of printed advertising media. They have such a wide variety of uses including branding, promotional campaigns, event advertising etc. Banners provide quick and easy, cost-effective temporary signage for both indoor and outdoor use.

One of the reasons that banners are so popular is that they are simple to display in so many locations. Our banners are supplied hemmed and eyeletted (aka grommets) ready to be displayed.


How to display a printed banner

Banner Frame

If you need a free-standing display, then a banner stand is the ideal solution. The frames are supplied ready to put the banner into. They can be displayed on any flat surface, they can easily be moved and are reusable for your next promotion, campaign, or event.


Cable Ties

If the banners are supplied with grommets at regular intervals around the hemmed edge, then an easy method of fastening the banner to a fence or similar construction, is with cable ties (these are available in different lengths, they can be tightened as required and removed after use). This is a popular choice for use on construction sites and security fencing.


Hanging Clips / Carabiners

Hanging clips provide a great alternative to cable ties that can be reused. Carabiners are often used to display a banner as a secure method of fastening them to Heras fencing.



Rope can be threaded through the eyelets and tightened as required to allow banners to be hung from structures e.g., balconies, fastened to fences or hung between 2 places e.g. trees, gateposts etc.


Bungee cords

Bungee cords or clips are often used in outdoor venues, marquees, tents, gazebos etc to display advertising banners, they are easy to display by hooking one end through the eyelet and the other end directly onto the tent frame and can quickly be removed after use.


Suction Cups

Banners can be used both indoors and outdoors, therefore different methods of hanging need to be used. Suction cups (with or without hooks) can be used to stick to certain smooth surfaces e.g. glass windows and then the banner can be fastened on using the grommets.


Banner/ table clips

Table clips are a simple method of fastening the top of the banner to a table display, the clips are held in place by fastening over the edge of the tabletop.



There are various grades of adhesive available for Velcro, suitable for different surfaces etc. This is a great way to display a banner that is to be reused in the same place but may need to be removed e.g., exhibitions or shows.



If displaying a banner on a wall then it may need to be fixed in place using screws, that are drilled into the wall and the eyelets are placed over the top of screw heads to hold it in place.


Custom printed banners

If you would like further information about custom printed banners, please chat to our team on 01347 823 230. Screenprint and Display can produce banners in any quantity and size to suit your design requirements.


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