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How to remove floor stickers? How to remove social distancing floor stickers?



Wondering how to cleanly remove floor stickers and social distancing markers?


Throughout the pandemic floor stickers were used both indoors and outdoors to highlight social distancing measures. But how do you remove these floor stickers when they are no longer required?

The methods used to remove our indoor and outdoor stickers would be slightly different. We detail each below.


How to remove outdoor floor stickers

Our outdoor floor stickers are printed on alumigraphics material, this is easily removed from outdoor surfaces i.e., concrete and asphalt, without the need to apply heat. Alumigraphics is generally easy to remove, although it may become increasingly difficult if the stickers have had a lot of vehicular traffic or the surface is particularly rough.

To remove the stickers, simply peel them off the surface at an angle less than 45 degrees. The stickers will typically leave no residue and can be disposed of with aluminium recycling.

Should there be some remaining residue, then apply a degreaser to clean the surface or allow it to wear away with pedestrian traffic and the weather.


How to remove indoor floor stickers

Unlike the outdoor floor graphics, the indoor floor stickers would require heat to be applied. Gently applying heat to the surface of the sticker e.g. with a hair dryer, will soften the adhesive and allow the sticker to be peeled off the floor surface.

Once removed the sticker will have left a residue on the flooring, this can be removed by using a cleaning substance or solvent suitable for use on the floor surface.

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