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Withdrawal of proposed changes to Misuse of Drugs Regulations
5th May 2022
What is large format print?
What is large format print?
12th May 2022

During the pandemic, many businesses highlighted social distancing and 2 metre markers by using floor stickers. They were a clearly visible, affordable marker to help people follow guidance from the Gov to help prevent infections from spreading.

If you had stickers printed for outdoor use, on alumigraphics, the material is designed for use on concrete, asphalt, and brick. This should be removed by simple peeling the material off the surface at an angle under 45 degrees. If a slight residue is left behind, this can be removed with degreaser.

Indoor vinyl stickers may not be so simple to remove. If the stickers have a permanent adhesive and have become firmly stuck to the surface, then you will need to gently soften the adhesive by applying heat. Heat gently and don't make it too hot, or the sticker could melt.

Once the vinyl PVC has warmed up, it will stretch, and you should be able to remove it. A solvent (suitable for the surface material) can the be used to remove any remaining residue.

Should you require replacement floor sticker graphics, please call our team on 01347 823230.