Ideas for creating awareness and advertising at outdoor events

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Ideas for advertising at outdoor events

There are many ways to advertise forthcoming events and to create eye catching branding in a temporary environment. Below are 5 popular options for outdoor advertising:

Temporary Signs:

Correx Signage is a popular choice for creating easy to install, waterproof signs to advertise forth coming events.

The signs are cost effective and can easily be installed on roadside locations in the area surrounding the event. Easily displayed by fastening to posts, fences, lampposts etc.

The signs can be printed with dates, times, how to purchase tickets, contact details etc. or they can be printed with arrows and directions to provide way markers to the venue. Once at the event, temporary signage can be used to identify the various car park sections, provide site maps, to identify the different areas/zones and directional signage.

The benefit of being printed on Correx is that they are 100% recyclable (in waste stream 5) so after the event they do not need to go into landfill.


PVC banners have been a popular choice for many events, they are easy to display by fastening with string or cable ties through the eyeletted hem to fences etc.

The PVC is flexible, and the banner can cover a few metres, creating an eye-catching advert.

Banners are custom printed so can be produced in any size to suit the space available for display.

Car Window Stickers:

Car window stickers are a great giveaway, if sent out with pre-paid or early bird tickets, your customers will be promoting your event as they drive around, this is great for events where the stickers will advertise the forthcoming event in the locality.

Car window stickers can also be used for members, advising them to display the stickers so not only do they advertise the event, but it can double up as visual way of identifying members for priority parking areas.

Stickers can be printed in any shape and size and can even be custom cut to the shape.


Bunting is great for creating visual brand awareness displays or for highlighting areas in a temporary environment. Custom bunting is a great product for catching the attention of visitors as it moves in the breeze and is not static and can be printed with different images or artwork on the pennants.

Although bunting can be printed at various lengths and sizes, the most popular size is A5 either rectangular or triangular, in 10 metre lengths.

Bollard Covers:

Bollards or posts located near car parking areas are often under utilised for advertising. A simple printed Correx Bollard cover (with either 3 or 4 sides) is easy to install and a cost-effective way of advertising. The covers are waterproof, suitable for outdoor use and are supplied flat.

If you would like further information or advice, please contact the team at Screenprint & Display on 01347 823230.

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