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What is outdoor advertising?

Outdoor advertising is branding or promotions that are displayed outdoors for people to view when they are out and about, also sometimes referred to as OOH (out of the home advertising). This is more than just billboards and stickers on the side of buses, there are a wide range of printed examples available.

What are examples of outdoor advertising?

There are loads of different ways you can use print to advertise outdoors (other than billboards), here are a few examples:

  • Hoarding Boards
    These large format hoarding panels, that can be joined together to create visual displays of any length, often used to advertise building developments, forthcoming properties for sale, new businesses, and construction companies.

  • Banners
    Banners are possibly the most popular choice of printed temporary outdoor advertising. Used by so many different businesses, companies, organisations, charities to advertise and showcase a whole host of products, events, special offers etc.. The list of uses is endless.

  • Posters
    Posters can be printed on waterproof material, to protect the imagery and messages from the rain. Again there are so many uses for these including; Information posters that can be displayed on street furniture, bus shelters, at train stations etc.. or to advertise health & safety messages i.e on construction sites. Event advertising e.g. for bands, shows, theatres, fairs, circus etc..

  • Bollard Covers
    Frequently seen displayed outside retail outlets, stores or in city centre locations. Bollard covers can be printed to highlight forthcoming events, promotions or more recently have been used to display the social distancing message.

  • Correx Sign Boards
    Printed on 100% recyclable material that is light weight and waterproof, makes the Correx sign boards the ideal choice for short term temporary advertising of events etc.. These boards are a popular choice for advertising short term events or campaigns e.g. election candidates and are commonly seen advertising houses and properties for sale or to rent.

  • Outdoor floor stickers
    Floor graphics have become increasingly popular throughout the pandemic, when they were used to advertise the 2m social distancing message e.g. when queuing on pavements outside shops, supermarkets, food outlets etc.. Outdoor floor graphics are a great way of using otherwise underutilised space for advertising, especially in pedestrian areas with a high footfall.

  • Bunting
    Whilst this might not be the most obvious form of outdoor advertising, bunting is used frequently at events, by outdoor stores and retail outlets e.g. Garden centres, garages. The double-sided bunting is printed on a never tear material that is suitable for outdoor use.

  • What do you need to consider when printing outdoor advertising?

    The main consideration when deciding what material to print your advertising on is the weather! Posters, banners, and hoardings all need to be able to withstand the rain! And even the wind. For this reason, posters are printed on a waterproof polypropylene material. This material is also great for using on window displays where condensation occurs or in damp environments.

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