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What you need to know about Garden Centre POS print


What to consider when producing POS for garden centre retail outlets?

Are you thinking about sprucing up your garden centre POS, displays and advertising campaigns in a retail outlet? Find out what you need to consider when planning your printed materials.

Garden Centres are a great example of a retail environment with both indoor and outdoor display areas. Both environments must be considered when planning point of sale promotional print.

Not only do the displays need to be full colour and eye-catching, but the material they are produced on needs to be able to withstand the British weather and an occasional watering!


Things to consider when planning marketing point-of-sale print for garden centre use:

  • Length of promotion
  • Materials
  • Display location, suitability and durability
  • Cost
  • Quantity
  • Recyclable
  • Time scale
  • Distribution


Length of promotion:

How long the promotion will be displayed – Is it for short or long-term use?



Which materials are suitable for printing for use in this environment?

There are a variety of materials that can be used to print retail point of sale that is suitable for the damp and humid atmosphere in the garden centre. Correx (corrugated plastic) is a good choice for light weight, waterproof signage – it’s durable, cost-effective and can easily be displayed. Correx can be bent and folded to create a wide range of products for example dumpbins.

Foamex is great for interchangeable rack headers that are displayed within the store, as the printed surface is smooth and wipeable.

Bunting can be custom printed on outdoor never tear materials that can be used indoor or outdoor.

Banner PVC is a popular choice for stockist banners that can be hemmed and eyeletted, making them easy to display on perimeter fencing and entrance gates.

Self-adhesive vinyl PVC stickers need to adhere to clean, dry surfaces but once displayed they are waterproof. The surface that they will be used on needs to be considered as there are various adhesive options available including: removable, permanent, and high tack. In addition, different materials are available for outdoor floor stickers, that will adhere to brick and concrete outdoor surfaces.


Display location and durability:

Is the material suitable for indoor and outdoor use?

Will the print be outside for 12 months of the year?

Will it be positioned in full sun? Do you need UV stable ink?

Signage, posters and promotional displays could be out in all weather conditions, from hot sunny days to snow and frost, therefore they will need to be durable, light fast and waterproof.

If using stickers, are they suitable for the surfaces, e.g. outdoor floor stickers, will they stick to the concrete or paving walkways?

Where will the POS be displayed e.g. is it a banner to fasten to fencing or a dumpbin that is freestanding? Sign boards will need to be easy to display – can they be supplied with holes drilled, eyelets etc.



In many retail outlets the displays will be altered throughout the year, alternating plant displays with the different months and seasons, therefore the promotional material needs to be cost-effective to produce.



Will the promotion or signs repeat? Is the printed product the same size, just with different designs throughout the year?

It is often cheaper to print in larger volumes, therefore if a promotion repeats or a poster/sign etc. is interchanged with the next seasonal promotion, it may be more cost effective to group together several designs into 1 print run, instead of many short runs.



Once the promotional marketing campaign is finished, what do you do with the printed point of sale items? How will it be disposed of? Is it printed on recyclable materials and how do you recycle it?

Correx is a popular material for outdoor promotional temporary signage as it is 100% recyclable in waste stream 5.


Time scale:

How quickly do you need the promotional print, when is your campaign due to start being promoted. It is important to speak to your printing company regarding your timescales to ensure priority is given to the artwork and designs that will require the longest lead times first.



If you are supplying products to many retail outlets, is it easier to get the various POS items delivered directly from the printer to the stores and outlets, in the quantities you require?

Screenprint & Display can pack & distribute, packs of print, to any number of retail outlets. For example: if you need 5 posters in 4 designs sending out together with 10 Correx boards and a banner to each of 100 garden centres this can be arranged.


What products are popular for use in garden centre signage and advertising campaigns:


Where to get further advice and prices for outdoor POS?

Call the team at Screenprint & Display on 01347 823 230, we are happy to help and offer advice on all the materials and products that are available for outdoor custom printed marketing.

The team have years of experience working with clients to create custom made display print and retail marketing and point of sale products.


Call now for best UK prices: 01347 823 230

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