Is there an alternative to using social distancing floor stickers?

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15th April 2020
Social Distancing stickers
We’ve created an off the shelf range of Social Distancing stickers and stencils!
14th May 2020

Firstly, it is important to understand that there are different types of floor stickers available. These are suitable for use on different surfaces, indoor or outdoor.

The outdoor stickers will adhere to asphalt (tarmac) and concrete, so are suitable for use on warehouse floors and pavements and outside a wide range of businesses, schools, colleges, shops etc…. These outdoor floor stickers can be printed in full colour (to make sure they are noticeable), at any size, cut to shape and displaying your custom artwork and social distancing keep 2m away message. The stickers are easy to install and can be printed and dispatched quickly.

Stickers are not the only method of marking the floor. As an alternative we produce cut out floor stencils with the social distancing 2m message. The stencil can then be taped to the floor or wall, then painted (using floor paint) and once dried, it can be removed to leave your artwork and keep 2 metres away message. The stencil is then reusable, ensuring you can paint the advice all around your building and help towards keeping both your staff and customers safe throughout the covid 19 outbreak. As with the outdoor stickers, the stencils are available in different sizes. Please take a look at our social distancing stencil page for further information or call our team.

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